[Redhat-s390-list] OSA Problems - Alternative Approaches to Install?

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I didn't receive any suggestions for my problem (my first and only post here), so I thought I would try to solve the problem another way ....

Old problem:

Built a CD image from April and was able to boot and initialize OSA just fine. The install process at that time had a fair number of problems. Built a CD image from May and the network initialization fails.

Haven't received any suggestions on how to correct my OSA-Express initialization problem.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to get my OSA working off the CD, I'd love to hear it.

But I thought I would also ask ....

1) Is there any way I can start the install from my perfectly functioning Marist system?
2) Any guidance on how I can try to build my own boot/*.bin files to solve my OSA problems?

And on a different topic ...

3) Is RH close to making the 390 port GA? If not,is there any info out there (url?) on how the effort is progressing? I'm still hoping that there will be an update in the rawhide directory that makes all my problems go away.


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