Re: Core 6 problem with Creative SoundBlaster Live card.

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On Thu, 2006-12-07 at 14:58 -0500, ken jones wrote:

> When I was running Core 3 and Core 4 my sound worked fine.  I was using 
> Open Sound System.  I also had ALSA working.
> With Core 6 I have not been able to get OSS to compile.  I have not been 
> able to get ALSA to run and I have not been able to get the kernel to 
> see the sound card.
> I can not find ALSA in the Official Fedora Core 6 RPM's.  Core 6 
> kernel-source is changed.  I have thrashed around and done more harm 
> than good.  'uname' thinks I have an SMP appropriate machine (I do not).!

I think that is either an ISA card or PCI?? OSS support is depreciated
in FC 6 from what I have read, so best to leave it out of the picture
until you have sound working first. Did you do a clean install or an
upgrade? I did a clean install as I have had too many problems in the
past with upgrading. Especially if you jumped from FC4 to FC6 as an
upgrade. Whooie! Oh yeah, nothing will compile on FC6 without the
upgraded kernel and kernel-devel, which is a mistake... the kernel would
be i686 and the kernel-devel package would be i586. They acknowledge the
huge error. 

So, you might wish to subscribe to the user list and keep up with the
errors and upgrades. I had to touch config.h
in /usr/src/kernels/2.6.18-1.2798.fc6-i686/include/linux for anything to
compile. Another mistake. <sigh> Right, it's just an empty file, but it
makes all the difference. 

What I've done in the past with my AWE sound card was to take it out,
boot linux, let if find there is nothing there and do it's thing, then
shutdown, re-insert the card and reboot. God, I forget the name of the
program (kudzu? that finds new hardware... but let it set it up afresh
and see if it doesn't work. Make sure all of the OSS stuff is edited out
prior as it will not know to remove it. Older hardware may have IRQ
issues as well if they are not completely plug-n-play. 

Wow, trouble shooting with a shotgun, that's all I know to advise you
on. rpm -q kernel then rpm-q kernel-devel and see if they are different
architectures. Fix that first. Edit modprobe.conf and remove the OSS
stuff. Then do the removal of the soundcard bit. See if that doesn't get
you working. If not then you have a possible IRQ issue or you have the
speakers plugged in wrong. <chuckles> Ric

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