Re: Sound Driver for Intel D845GEBV2 Board

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Dear nidhinnimbus, Hi!

You really need learn how to post questions in list or forums.
Please list your PC specs completely before posting your questions.

What is the make of motherboard?
You've not mentioned what kind of Sound board you have on your motherboard.
Is it built-in intigrated on motherboard or other card?
What was it reporting under device manager when you might have windows installed before?

Fedora Core 3/FC3 has every driver built into it.. it's all most impossible that it might have missed the driver. Do a google search with your mother-board Model # get complete detail of your motherboard.

On Sat, 12 Aug 2006 13:10:44 -0400, sree kumar <sreenimbus@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I recently inslled FC3 in My PC Motherboad D845GEBV2 but the sound has not working.I am insurching for apropriate RPM .....Help me

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