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mike.lee@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:


What a joy, I carried out my first Linux installation last night.
BUT alas, no sound ! (there just had to be something, didn't there?)
I've since been "Googling" for the entire day to get this far !
I've registered for my thirty-day telephone support, but I'm not sure what to say just yet.

Can you possibly assist ?
(If so.. What do I need to tell you in order for us both to succeed ?

Here's a few random facts, that may get us going...
1) Installation was of "Red Hat Professional Workstation (UK)" from the recent Enterprise 3 release, the kernel is 2.4.21-4.EL

2) I looked around for tools to help out (from info gleaned in my many web searches)...
interestingly, I don't have a "/usr/sbin/sndconfig"  ( many of the other "sound-free" users, reported that they had this file in their /usr/sbin )

3) The motherboard/integrated soundcard is from Asus (the P4S533-MX), chipset is the 651 from SiS.

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Hey mike,

i have got the same problem.
sndconfig you get from Its just a .rpm Package.
Install it with rpm -Uvh sndconfig.rpm and give sndconfig in the bash. A controlling panel opens.

May be your soundcart may work after this.

By the way a good possibility is Special for sound.
And a lot of people who can help.


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