USB audio not working in RH 9

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I have a Plantronics DSP500 headset.  This headset works as a USB audio
device.  When I plug it in to my Dell Precision M50 laptop, the usb
audio driver gets loaded.  However, when i try to play sounds, it
appears that the audio driver is unable to set the sampling rate:

% play -d /dev/dsp /usr/games/chromium/data/wav/boom.wav
sox:  Unable to set audio speed to 11025 (set to 0)
sox:  bad output format: sampling rate was not specified

I tried adding some debugging lines to the audio.c kernel module, and
found that the driver claims it can support from 8000 to 48000 as a
sampling rate, but applications don't seem to be able change it from the
initial value of 0.

Any ideas?  I've heard that this headset should work on Linux, but I've
had no luck with RedHat 7.3, 9, or with custom kernels 2.4.21 or


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