finding out which parameters ("options") were passed to a driver

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I want to know how can I
find out which parameters ("options") were passed to a sound driver which is currently loaded in memory ; this driver might have been loaded with lsmod or modeprobe;
Is there a way to find which were the parameters for this lsmod or modprobe
command ?

In fact , the problem I have is that I have two machines with the same card ;
the driver which is used in the first one is es1371.o; I want to use the same driver on
the second one. I do not know what are the parameters which are passed to the
es1371.o on the first machine; it is done automatically at start up (the only thing
which I find relevvant is that there is an alias in /etc/module.conf, but with out
any "options".

How does the Linux know which parameters are passed to es1371.o upon startup ?

regards, sting

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