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I have a C-Media 8738 sound card in my PC. (Athon 800 mhz, 384 mb ram, RH8.0, Gnome desktop).

When I listen to music in XMMS, using OSS, the sound skips a little every once in a while, both 'un-provoked' and when switching tabs, scrolling etc in Galeon, and a lot when scrolling in the gnome-terminal. I've tried to renice the process to -20 and setting the buffer to 10K msec and 50% prebuffering. It took care of some of the skipping, it seems, but not all of it.

When googling for this problem, people tend to blame it on a busy CPU or I/O. This confuses me, because the excat same hardware worked completely hassle-free back in the win2k days :(

All drivers etc are fresh off the RH8.0 cd, except for the mpg123 plugin, which I downloaded from the XMMS homepage.

Any ideas? New kernel, driver .. ?

Best regards,

Martin Seebach

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