Re: [Sound] No sound in RH8 and IBM ThinkPad 600E

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On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 12:14, Artem Abramyan wrote:
> I the beginner. Help me to establish a sound. At me IBM ThinkPad 600E.
> sndconfig defines a card as CS4610 SoundFusion Audio Accelerator, but
> the sound is not present

The 600E has the CS4610 as a secondary device to the CS4232. I'm not
sure why the installer picked CS46xx as that is not correct in this

Log into the system as the root user
Select "Run Program"
Type sndconfig --noprobe
Click the "Run in terminal" option
Hit "Run"

Select the CS4232 driver. On the 600E the sound hardware is found
	io: 0x530
	irq: 5
	dma1: 1
	dma2: 0
	mpu: 0x330
	mpu irq: 9

and predates the PCI automatic setup

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