Re: [Sound] RH 8.0/Sound Blaster 16 PCI

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On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 18:16, John Markos O'Neill wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to get a sound card loaded on my RH 8.0 system with little
> success so far.  When kudzu configures the sound card (a SB 16 PCI which
> it reads as an Ensoniq 5880 PCI), the OS hangs and I cannot do
> *anything* in multiuser mode, much less get sound.  I have confirmed
> that the "test sound" makes little more than a click on my speakers.
> Fortunately, if I unplug the sound card and unconfigure it with kudzu, I
> can use the OS again -- but still no sound (except beeps).

SB16 is pretty decent hardware, it should since its post es1370 hardware
also work quite reliably. The problem you describe sounds mostly like an
IRQ routing table error, possibly in the BIOS tables. What happens if you
put the card in a different PCI slot ?

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