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Apologies for the delay in replying, but I've been away for a long
weekend, immediately before which I trashed my laptop's sytem[1], and 
have spent this evening putting it back right again.  (I hope I've 
succeeded fully!)

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Michael Grant (redhat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) said: 
> > There is no /proc/isapnp, and sndconfig wasn't able to detect the card 
> > as P&P; I had to select it manually.  
> Do you get that same error when specifying the manual IRQ, DMA, etc.?

I specified:

  I/O: 0x530
  IRQ: 5
  DMA 1: 1
  DMA 2: 0
  MPU I/O: 0x330
  CONTROL I/O: 0x370

Of which all bar the last were the values reported by the Device
Manager on Windows.  (The Device Manager in KDE doesn't show the sound
card at all.)  There were only two values possible for the Control I/O; I 
tried them both.  (This might be living dangerously...)

[1] With a poorly written cron job running as root, which chowned the
    entire filesystem from root.root to msgrant.michael.  What a
    wally!  I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, to teach me a
    lesson not to abuse root; but I'd always been very careful not to
    do so on my old (soundless) machine it's taken two years for this
    to happen.

    The irony is that the reason I ran this cron job off in a hurry
    and this happened was because twice that evening I'd typed "rm *"
    for "rm *~", as the ENTER key on the laptop is where I expect
    "~" to be, and the cron job was to back files up to safeguard
    against this.  Aaargh!  Of course, a little more thought shows a
    cron job isn't even the best way of doing this...

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