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On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Michael Grant (redhat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) said: 
> > I have just installed Red Hat Linux 7.3 onto a Toshiba 490XCDCT laptop
> > (complete spec at www.e-laptop.com) and get no sound other than a beep
> > for ASCII 7 (BEL).  The soundcard is an integrated 16-bit Sound
> > Blaster Pro and OPL compatible Yamaha OPL3-SA2.
> Is there anything in /proc/isapnp for your card?

There is no /proc/isapnp, and sndconfig wasn't able to detect the card 
as P&P; I had to select it manually.  

"locate isapnp" lists /lib/modules/2.4.18-3/modules.isapnpmap, which

# isapnp module      cardvendor carddevice driver_data vendor     function   ...
opl3sa2              0xffff     0xffff     0x00000000  0xa865     0x2100

if that helps.

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