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I'm not the expert, but off the bat
1) I don't understand: You "don't" get sound, but you "can" play CD's?
2) When you installed alsa, did you do a "make" between each "configure" and "make install"? Last time I checked, their directions fail to mention the make step.


GubbrSingh@xxxxxxx wrote:
hey guys, like the subject says, I'm totally new to linux, I had a bitch of a time just figuring out how to dual boot red hat 8 and xp pro without messing up any partitions or boot sectors -= \

well I guess heres my issue ...

I know that I have a Cirrus Logic CS4610 SoundFusion Audio Accelerator (cs4610) sound card (according to soundcard detection). Yes it works on windows just fine, but on linux I cant get any sounds. It DOES in fact play audio cd's on linux though. I've also tried using sndconfig but it says that my soundcard is not supported by it. I later tried installing the alsa drivers/libraries/utilities following the directions on their website in accordance to the cs4610 instructions but I kept getting errors. According to the hardware browser, this is my output....

under soundcards..

Crystal Audio:GAME
Manufacturer: Unknown
Driver: cs4232
Device: N/A

Crystal Audio:MPU
Manufacturer: Unknown
Driver: cs4232
Device: N/A

Crystal Audio:WSS/SB
Manufacturer: Unknown
Driver: ad1848
Device: N/A

under Unknow devices..

Crystal Audio:CTRL
Manufacturer: Unknow
Driver: ns558
Device: N/A

please help!

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