Re: [Sound] Help with Sound (Esoniq-1370) and RedHat 8.0

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Well, what do you know... that's what it was.  Adjusting the graphical
mixer made no change, but when I did

/bin/aumix-minimal -l R

*boom*, there it was.

In fact, I'm noticing another problem.  If I bring up the
gnome-volume-control panel, it overrides any settings that I may have
put into aumix.  (Example:  If i'm running xawtv or play a CD and start
the gnome mixer, the sound will cut off.)

I don't seem to be the only person having trouble with an esoniq card
and RH 8.0...

-Paul Mischler

> Check you have the CD audio and/or line input set as inputs (for record)
> on the mixer
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