YMF-744B(Yamaha DS-XG) and digital input/output

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I've scanned through the archives, and didn't see this addressed.  If I 
missed it, I do apologize.

I've installed Shrike, which seems to have properly detected my sound card 
(Guillemot MaxiSound Fortissimo), which uses the above noted chipset.

What I want/need to do is figure out how to enable/control the digital 
input and output on this card.  I've got my DVD drive hooked up via the 
digital connection, internally, and have an optical TOSLINK cable attached 
to the back, for use with my MiniDisc recorder.  I get no audio output 
when I play an audio CD (because the digital input doesn't appear to be 
activated), and the TOSLINK output has no light (because the digital 
output doesn't appear to be activated).

Has anyone else gotten this setup to activate/use the digital interfaces 
on a similar card, and if so, would you care to share the options/settings 
you used to do so?


Mike Burger

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