Re: AD1981B/Intel D845GERG2 sound failure RHL7.3

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Richard Bonomo (bonomo@xxxxxxxxxxxx) said: 
> I recently installed RHL on an Intel box with a
> D845GERG2 motherboard which has an AD1981B codec
> (SoundMAX cadenza, AC'97).  When the system boots,
> it complains that /dev/dsp does not exist (though
> it does).  sndconfig detects the chipset, but
> says it is not supported (apparently trying to use
> i810).  I note that "Rolf" asked a similar question
> late last year.  Was there a resolution?  Is there
> a fix for this?

It very well might work if you install the very latest
errata kernel (released last week or so).


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