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Attention Users:

On Friday, May 9, at 2100 EDT(US), the list server will be taken offline for 
an extended period of time for machine and software upgrades.  During this 
time mail to the lists will be bounced with a message stating the server 
is offline.  The outage is expected to take about 20 hours.  Of course once 
we start with the migration we are not going to stop until it is done.

Things that are changing that will be noticeable to end users:
1) The Web interface will be in a different location:
2) Since the site is integrated with www.redhat.com the pages have
   been changed to match the look and feel of the website.
3) The archiving will be changed from the default Pipermail to MHonArc

Some of the larger lists will have ALL users purged and resubscribed.  This
will change your list settings to the default settings.  This is due to some
configuration problems our previous server had.  If this affects you, you 
will receive a welcome message.

After the server is brought back on-line, we will kick off the process that 
sends the monthly password so everyone will have their password for the
lists they are subscribed to.

Thank you for your patience.

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