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On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 13:41, Mike Vanecek wrote:
> Connect two RH systems via ssh. One can then run Gnome windows based apps 
> just by giving the command on the remote (e.g., gvim &) and run the remote 
> app on the local machine.
> Is it possible to start a remote desktop on the local machine that looks the 
> same as it would on the remote? If yes, please point me in the right 
> direction for doing so (docs, how-tos, ...).
> Thank you.
> Mike.

Probably the easiest thing to setup is vnc.  You setup vncserver on the
remote end and then you can connect to that from your local system. 
This will work not only with Linux but pretty much any OS including
Windows.  It works reasonably well over cable modem type connections but
may not be all that usable over dial up.  This is actually true for most
of these options.

You can also setup XDMCP (I think I spelled that correctly).   Been
awhile but I believe this uses x windows and will load a session on you
local machine from a remote system.

And one that I have not tried myself is rdesktop.  But I think that only
allows you to access windows type servers.  

I personally just use ssh and use the x11 forwarding option for the
programs I want to run remotely.  Depending on your network setup I
think you will find this is more efficient network wise than exporting
the entire desktop.  You can setup launchers on your local system that
invoke ssh and the command or script that you want to run on the remote

ssh remoteipaddress runthisscript

Set that up to run without a terminal and it gives you a nice password
prompt and the programs windows are forwarded to your local system. 
Works well and looks great.  Keeps you from having to go to a terminal
and establish the ssh connection and then run the command.

Scot L. Harris

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