Announcing a beta release of Red Hat Linux: Severn

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   Thank you gentlemen. This is rumor control. Here are the facts.
   As some of you know, new Red Hat Linux Beta bits crash landed
   here at 1000 on the morning watch. There was one survivor.
   Two dead processes, and a daemon that was hopelessly smashed
   beyond repair. The survivor is called SEVERN.

It's that time again.
 (Time to floss?)
 (Time to make a gooky?)
No, it's time for a Red Hat Linux Beta, named SEVERN.

   "I just want to say that I took a vow of stability. That also
   includes betas. We all took the vow. Now let me say, that I
   for one, do not appreciate Company policy allowing beta bits
   to freely intermingle..."
   "Cheeky bastard, right sir?"
   "What brother means to say is ... We view the presence of
   any outside OS, beta, as a violation of the stability, a
   potential break in the spiritual unity."
   We are well aware of your feelings in this matter. You will
   be pleased to know that I have requested a testing team -
   Hopefully, they will be here inside of a few hours and
   evaluate it A.S.A.P. 
As always, betas such as SEVERN are not intended for use on
production environments. Use as such could lead to your machines
being slaughtered like pigs by the dragon. Or just public laughter.

Problems with SEVERN should be reported via bugzilla, at:
   What's its development status?
   "It doesn't seem too horrendously in flux. Difficult at this
   moment to make a specific diagnosis."

Among other things, SEVERN has:
 - a new graphical boot
 - GCC 3.3
 - an updated 2.4.21 kernel
 - updated Evolution and Mozilla
 - and more!

   Will it live?
   "Yes, I should think so."
   Look, none of us here is naive. It's in everybody's best
   interests if this beta doesn't come out into production until
   the testing team is through with it. And certainly not 
   without the proper qualification and bug reports. Right? So
   we should all stick to our set routines and not get
   unduly agitated. Correct?  All right. Thank you gentlemen.

Speaking of unduly agitated... there's lots of rumors going on
about Red Hat Linux. We've been doing it for nearly ten years
now, and in that time, there's been various changes. From
rpp to RPM, from Red Hat Commercial Linux to Official Red Hat
Linux, from 'install' to anaconda. And now, we're making another

We changed the rules. We said our Linux should be your Linux. Just as
most of the software in Red Hat Linux is developed in an open
fashion, so should Red Hat Linux itself; driven by those who
develop, test, document, and translate. To accomplish this, we're
opening up our process.

Now this is an evolution, not a revolution. The first steps will
be moving much of our development discussions and schedules
external, via mailing lists and other means, and including external
developers in the process of making technical decisions. More
will be done from there. Red Hat Linux will remain as it has been; a
freely available general purpose operating system, released on the 
average every six months. For more information, see:

For discussion of SEVERN, send mail to:


in the subject line. You can leave the body empty. Or see:

As always, you can get SEVERN at, specifically:

Or the following mirrors:

 North America:
  United States:


 South America:

  Czech Republic:
  United Kingdom:

One additional feature provided by the Linux community is the
availability of SEVERN via BitTorrent.
  RPMS for Red Hat Linux 7.3 through 9 of BitTorrent are available from:
  Usage is simple: --url http://URL.torrent
  Allow incoming TCP 6881 - 6889 to join the torrent swarm.

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