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Attention Subscribers:

On Friday, May 9, at 2100 EDT, the Red Hat list server will be taken
off-line for an extended period of time for machine and software upgrades.  
The outage is expected to last around 20 hours.

We are taking this opportunity to merge redhat-announce-list and
redhat-watch-list.  For the last couple of years both lists have contained
the same content - security and bugfix announcements from Red Hat.  
During the outage current subscribers to redhat-announce-list will be
automatically moved to redhat-watch-list.

In addition the following changes will be made:

1) The Web interface for the lists will move to a new location at:

2) The Web interface for the lists will have some design changes to 
   fit in with the www.redhat.com website.

3) The software used for message archiving will be changed from Pipermail to 

After the list server is brought back on-line we will send out a password
reminder email.  You may also receive an initial welcome message to

Thank you for your patience.

Mark J Cox
Red Hat Security Response Team

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