Announcing GinGin64: A Technology Preview for the AMD64 Platform

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Red Hat is pleased to announce the availability of our AMD64
technology preview.  This preview is for those who are interested in
early access to a Red Hat distribution for the AMD64 platform.

Accessing the Software

For this technology preview, we are offering access via FTP at the
following location:

Please note that this download location and the software there should
be considered non-production and is not supported.

Bug Reporting
To ensure accurate tracking, all bugs should be reported using
Bugzilla at:

If you do not have a bugzilla account, please visit and create one by following the
instructions provided on Red Hat's bugzilla web site.
Please search for existing bugs before filing new reports.  Also read
the RELEASE-NOTES included in the Technology Preview to avoid
reporting known issues.  Bugs should be filed against the "Red Hat
Linux", product version "GinGin64", platform "x86_64".

Mailing Lists

Red Hat has created a mailing list for general discussion about Red
Hat technology on the AMD64 platform called ""

You can subscribe at:

Redhat-watch-list mailing list
To unsubscribe, visit:

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