End of Life: Red Hat Linux 6.2, 7

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In accordance with our errata support policy the Red Hat Linux 6.2 and Red
Hat Linux 7 distributions have now reached their end-of-life for errata
maintenance.  This means that we will no longer be producing security,
bugfix, or enhancement updates for these products.

If you are a paid subscriber to Red Hat Network, you can download ISO
images of Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8.0, and 9 today to update your
system.  See http://rhn.redhat.com/

If you are looking for a Red Hat Linux distribution that has longer
maintenance periods, check out Red Hat Enterprise Linux which offers
lifecycles of 3+ years.  See http://www.redhat.com/software/rhel/

The errata support policy, as well as our current errata and advisories,
are available from http://www.redhat.com/apps/support/errata/

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