Errata policy updates and product end of life

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This email outlines our new policy for errata support for Red Hat Linux
products and gives the end-of-life dates for currently supported products.

With the release of Red Hat Linux 8.0 in October, we have been evaluating
the errata support periods for our previous Red Hat Linux distributions.
Usually when a new major version is released we would immediately
discontinue errata support for all but the final point release of previous

Every errata released by Red Hat undergoes vigorous testing and QA
procedures on each supported release and platform. By discontinuing errata
support for older releases, we are able to concentrate on the supported
platforms and ensure timely fixes to critical issues.

We believe Red Hat Linux users should be able to plan migrations and
upgrades in advance and therefore need an errata support policy that gives
clear guidance on on product end-of-life dates, without any immediate
discontinuation as we release new major revisions.

Therefore, starting with Red Hat Linux 8.0, we have updated the errata
support policy and will now provide errata support for all releases of the
base OS for at least 12 months from the date of the initial release.  The
Red Hat Linux Advanced Server product line is not affected by this new

We have also taken this opportunity to clarify the end of life dates for
errata support for our current products:

      Red Hat Linux 8.0 (Psyche)        December 31, 2003
      Red Hat Linux 7.3 (Valhalla)      December 31, 2003
      Red Hat Linux 7.2 (Enigma)        December 31, 2003
      Red Hat Linux 7.1 (Seawolf)       December 31, 2003
      Red Hat Linux 7.0 (Guinness)      March 31, 2003
      Red Hat Linux 6.2 (Zoot)          March 31, 2003

All users of these products should plan to upgrade before the given end of
life dates in order to continue to receive errata. In addition, the
following products have now reached their end of life for errata and are
no longer supported:

      Red Hat Linux PowerTools (6.2, 7, and 7.1)
      All Red Hat Linux releases for the Alpha and Sparc architectures
      Red Hat Linux 7.1 for the IA64 architecture

This policy, as well as our current errata and advisories, are available

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