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Chandan M. C. (chandanmc@xxxxxxx) said: 
>  May I know how hwdata and kudzu works ..... How both functions and
> interacts .. 

Warning: I'm speaking in terms of Fedora Core 5 and later. Earlier releases
behave somewhat differently.

kudzu is the legacy hardware probing library used by anaconda (the installer)
to determine what hardware modules to load. It does this by looking at the
various device trees under /sys, and various files in /proc.

It interacts with hwdata in various ways:
- MonitorsDB is used to match DDC device IDs with monitor names & sync
  ranges (if they're not found via ddc)
- it uses pci.ids to map PCI vendor and device ids to actual hardware
- it uses the files in /usr/share/hwdata/videoaliases to map PCI vendor &
  device ids to X drivers

There are some other bits in hwdata:
- usb.ids, used by lsusb
- upgradelist, used to upgrade old modprobe.conf entries to new driver
  names (no longer required)


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