Ethernet probe assignment order?

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This may not be the right group, but someone can probably answer it here (nor is it clear what the right group would be)...

Anyway, provided you're feeling charitable, does anyone know if there a graceful way to force Linux to assign multiple ethernets that use the same driver to a specific instance of "ethX". For instance, say if you had multiple BMC ethernet controllers of the same type (or even a multiport card) and wanted to make sure a specific port was "eth0", another was "eth1", etc.

From what I can Google, the answer is either "no", or you can do it through LILO/Grub "ether=" parameters. Neither answer is really what we're after, though the later might be a solution in a worse case.

Mostly I'm hoping for a "modules.conf" or "sysctl.conf" solution...


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