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its should be around 14%



Hi Cheryl,

As you already know commands to get kernel & Redhat Linux version(s).
Coming to you second question about different values for
directory/filesystem sizes using du -sk or right clicking on folder etc.
Here is what happen - A filesystem, when created and empty, always uses up
some space already.  This is space preallocated for filesystem information
and pointers - ie inodes, free lists, filesystem information (such as space
usage, last modification, etc).  This information (kept in superblocks) are
duplicated in several places throughout the disk partition (that contains
the filesystem).  This, the internal structure of the filesystem is not
apparent to the user, just at the internal working of the Solaris Operating
system (virtual memory, process scheduling, swap, etc) is not apparent to
the user.   This what makes difference in output of size occupied. I hope
the difference is not more than 0.3%

Hope that answers your question.


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To get the Redhat Linux version -
cat /etc/redhat-release
To get the kernel version -
uname -r
To get whole lot of information besides RHL version -
uname -a

To get size of directory
du -s dir_name
wide range of options are available for du about the metrics used.
man du might help :)

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On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, cheryl tan wrote:

> Good morning! We are currently developing a software for our
undergraduate thesis.
> I would like to ask for shell commands: (1.) for getting the Redhat Linux
version currently installed; and (2.) for getting the directory/folder size
> For #2, we have tried the [du -s foldername] command, but the size that
we get from the shell prompt is not the same as when we right click on a
folder and view its size.  We are currently using Redhat 7.2.
> We hope you could shed some light on our problem.  Thank you.
> - Cheryl Tan
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