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Sami_Abdul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I am currently in process of building quiet large number of systems. I am
looking for non-diskette booting method or in other words I am looking for
a method to build Linux system where one doesn't require diskette.

If your network cards include support for PXE, you can do it fairly easily. On an RHEL3 or Fedora machine, just run redhat-config-netboot (you might have to install it first).

When I do this I put the CD images in a directory exported over NFS and extract the "images" directory from the first CD into that same directory -- redhat-config-netboot wants this directory. You need to do that *before* you run redhat-config-netboot :-) The RHEL3 documentation also tells you what you need to do with DHCP ... so it's a good idea to read that or the equivalent stuff for Fedora before you start.


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