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On Wed, 7 May 2003, Michael Anburaj wrote:

> Hi All,
> Thanks a lot for you segestions.
> I edited the configuration file '/etc/xinetd.d/tftp'
> & now it has:
> service tftp
> {
> 	socket_type		= dgram
> 	protocol		= udp
> 	wait			= yes
> 	user			= root
> 	server			= /usr/sbin/in.tftpd
> 	server_args		= -u nobody -s /tftpboot
> 	disable			= no
> 	per_source		= 11
> 	cps			= 100 2
> 	flags			= IPv4
> }
> after that I issued the following command to restart the tftp server:
> $ /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd restart
> Then from my tftp client (target board running YAMON) issued the command to 
> get a file using tftp:
> YAMON> load tftp://
> About to load tftp://
> Press Ctrl-C to break
> Error : TFTP READ-REQ timeout ERROR
> Hint  : Check TFTP-server is up and running
> where:
> vmlinux.rec is in /tftpboot on the PC host
> is the IP of my host PC running Redhat Linux 9
> is the IP of Target board running YAMON (TFTP client)
> Connection:
> Target running YAMON <--> hub port - Ethernet HUB - hub port <--> PC running 
> RH Linux 9
> These are the only 2 machines physically connected in the network.
> Ping works from either side.
> Questions:
> 1. Is the network set-up OK for tftp (its a peer-to-peer connection)?
> 2. The TFTP status using 'redhat-config-services' shows xinetd. Is this too 
> advanced for the YAMON - Compatibility issue?
> 3. Do I need to reboot RH Linux for the configuration to take effect?
> 4. Do you find anything missing or wrong.

Looks okay from here. Your diagnostic tools are
Log files in /var/logs. The tftp server mentions little problems like
files not found. So to does xinetd complain if it finds a problem
lsof (or netstat) to tell you whether something's listening:
[root@xxxxxx root]# lsof -c x -a -i
xinetd  913 root    5u  IPv4   1759       TCP *:pop3 (LISTEN)
xinetd  913 root    6u  IPv4   1760       TCP *:rsync (LISTEN)
xinetd  913 root    7u  IPv4   1761       UDP *:tftp
xinetd  913 root    9u  IPv4   1762       TCP *:time (LISTEN)
[root@xxxxxx root]#

The tftp client which _may_ have more intelligence than your board:
# does not exist here:
Numbat:~# tftp
tftp> get fred
Transfer timed out.

tftp> quit
# exists, but there's no tftp server there
Numbat:~# tftp
tftp> get fred
Transfer timed out.
# Magpie is my working server
tftp> Numbat:~# tftp magpie
tftp> get fred
Error code 1: File not found
tftp> Numbat:~# logout
Connection to Numbat closed.

tcpdump which is excellent for snooping traffic on your LAN.

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