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On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Navinder Kaplish wrote:

> Dear Developers
> I am a network engineering student using LINUX for the first time. I have been assigned the project of tapping outgoing data from the network card of a computer running LINUX. I basically have to find the relevant device driver file and then somehow make it output to a file.  
> The second part is to make a GUI to view the outgoing data from the computer in readable format.
> I have located the relevant device driver file in the system. It is a c file called natsemi.c. I want to make the driver output the outgoing data to a file or to the screen so that I can pipe it to a file. For this I need to modify the device driver code which I am having trouble with. I have written a code is C which uses fopen,fgetc,fclose functions and should output the data to a new file. It is however not compiling because of problems with header files like stdio.h and stdlib.h. Could you please, please help me...

Please, wrap your lines at about col 72. Some folk have trouble reading
unwrapped text, and lots of email clients have serious trouble quoting
it properly.

> I am using Red Hat LINUX 8 and my network card is Netgear 311 ethernet adapter.

You do not use the standard C library in coding for the kernel.

What you are trying to do is not a task for a beginner, I really think
you should have someone who understands the kernel to, if no to do the
work, at least to help.

If I were undertaking the task (and I'm not volunteering!), I would
consider writing a packet sniffer, or writing one. That's assuming I
couldn't find one some place such as or

tcpdump is a packet sniffer that has the ability to sniff IP traffic,
and I'm sure it's possible to get more than that. tcpdump can sit on the
network sniffing traffic involving hosts other than the one it's running

You might also take a look at ethereal.

Please, reply only to the list.

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