FW: Application crashes under load

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From: Ajay Bansal 
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 8:53 AM
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 Hi All 

I have a multithreaded application (C++ app) on RH73. It runs fine when
is run under small load. As the load increases, no of threads catering
to request increase. 

We have seen that when the application has been running for over an
hour, with relatively high load, application crashes. 
I feel that there can be two reasons for this  problem

1. We have a memory leak, which is increasing steadily. I am looking
into this issue.
2. Second could be - some system limit has reached. How would I know
that. Any pointers? With default configuration, what is the max no of
processes a system can support? (1 GB RAM).


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