Re: [syzbot] WARNING in reiserfs_put_super

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On Sun 25-07-21 12:50:09, syzbot wrote:
> syzbot has bisected this issue to:
> commit f902b02600028dfc0c9df811eb711ac7d7fca09f
> Author: Christoph Hellwig <hch@xxxxxx>
> Date:   Thu Nov 14 14:34:32 2019 +0000
>     block: refactor rescan_partitions

Looks unlikely. Also because the first report of this problem was 307 days
ago - i.e., before this commit landed. I rather think the reproducer isn't
quite reliable...


> bisection log:
> start commit:   90d856e71443 Add linux-next specific files for 20210723
> git tree:       linux-next
> final oops:
> console output:
> kernel config:
> dashboard link:
> syz repro:
> Reported-by: syzbot+fcdd69a8426baab36109@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Fixes: f902b0260002 ("block: refactor rescan_partitions")
> For information about bisection process see:
Jan Kara <jack@xxxxxxxx>

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