Re: PATCH reiser4 support for Linux 5.8.10

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On 09/24/2020 07:21 PM, David Niklas wrote:
I'm a kernel dev newbie. Please double check my work if in doubt.

The patch for reiser4 support for Linux 5.8.1 didn't apply to 5.8.10. It
needed only a one line change, but because of all the fuzzy matching and
offset matching I thought I'd make a new one.
The file that failed to patch is fs/fs-writeback.c. A struct got one of
it's members removed. As the entire struct was removed by the patch

Hi David,

Precisely speaking, it is not removed, but moved to a header file.

Anyway, I guess that the missing member wasn't used by reiser4, so feel
free to ignore it.


thought it good to ignore the missing member instead of trying to dig up
what it was used for and why it was removed.


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