Re: Transferring an existing system from non-RAID disks to RAID1 disks in the same computer

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On 21/01/2023 at 16:21, Wols Lists wrote:
On 21/01/2023 14:33, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
On 21/01/2023 at 15:04, Wols Lists wrote:
On 21/01/2023 13:32, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
Back on topic, if you mean Windows+Linux dual boot, it seems unlikely to me that this can be achieved with Linux software RAID, because Windows does not support it and Windows software RAID usually works on whole drives. If you mean Linux dual-boot, you do not need multiple boot loaders, one single boot loader can boot all Linux systems.

Given that this all started with *MIRRORING* EFI partitions, I think you've lost the thread ...

I'm fully in agreement that - if we want to keep our EFI partitions in sync - then doing so when the partition is updated is the best TIME (not place) to do it. (Which is why mirroring makes sense.)

It's just that - as soon as you bring multiple OSes (of any sort) into it - this ceases to be a practical solution.

It depends if you mean "mirroring" with rsync or with RAID.
Also, it depends what the OS sorts are. With only Linux systems all using EFI partitions in RAID1, it might work.

THERE'S TOO MANY WAYS TO SKIN THIS CAT and trying to automate it will in almost all cases lead to tears :-(

This is why I claim that the only universal solution is that each OS supports multiple EFI partitions natively when writing any file in an EFI partition. Mirroring is a dead end.

Is that one EFI per OS, or multiple identical EFI? :-)

Neither. Multiple possibly not identical EFI partitions.
Mirroring with one EFI partition per OS does not make much sense.
And it would not be universal if it required identical partitions.

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