[Bug 218685] asus-nb-wmi fails to load due to conflict with amd-pmf

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--- Comment #32 from Hans de Goede (jwrdegoede@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) ---
I'm actually unsure what the quiet profile means compared to low power. I would
think it's better for Asus driver to use low power.

Note that the actual CPU power-limits between balanced and quiet do not change
on this laptop, so I guess quiet chooses a fan curve with less aggressive
ramping up of the fans on higher temps. IOW quiet != low-power.

Anyways this is exactly what I meant with how allowing multiple providers will
be messy. I really think just adding a DMI quirk for this hopefully single
broken model is best.

And if we see this more often maybe we need a way to prioritize one provider
over the other, e.g. pass a priority level when registering and if a higher
priority provider shows up unregister the previous one. Although with a complex
driver like amd-pmf getting an unregister-platform-profile callback for this
called from the core might be tricky to implement.

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