[Bug 218685] asus-nb-wmi fails to load due to conflict with amd-pmf

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--- Comment #27 from Hans de Goede (jwrdegoede@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) ---
(In reply to Mario Limonciello (AMD) from comment #23)
> Hans - there's a few ways to handle this I can think of.
> 1. Quirk against this system and BIOS to ignore that bit in AMD PMF.
> 2. Allow multiple drivers to register for platform profile.
> 3. Do nothing, let Asus fix in BIOS.
> What do you want to do?

I wish we could rely on 3. but I don't think it is very likely Asus is actually
going to fix this and al0uette has just confirmed this still happens with the
latest available BIOS :|

2. seems complicated and will likely be messy, so that leaves 1. I'm afraid.

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