[Bug 218685] asus-nb-wmi fails to load due to conflict with amd-pmf

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--- Comment #15 from Mario Limonciello (AMD) (mario.limonciello@xxxxxxx) ---
No; not that.  I'm talking about things like sPPT and fPPT.
Try reading /sys/kernel/debug/amd_pmf/current_power_limits and then changing
the platform profile to power saver or performance.
See if any of those limits change.

For reference; this is what I see on a Framework 13 AMD:

(in balanced):
spl:35000 fppt:35000 sppt:33000 sppt_apu_only:41000 stt_min:28000 stt[APU]:0
stt[HS2]: 0

(in power saver):
spl:15000 fppt:15000 sppt:15000 sppt_apu_only:41000 stt_min:15000 stt[APU]:0
stt[HS2]: 0

(in performance):
spl:30000 fppt:30000 sppt:30000 sppt_apu_only:41000 stt_min:30000 stt[APU]:128
stt[HS2]: 0

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