Re: hp-wmi: info hotkey has no keycode or scancode

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>>>>>>> Remember all my other fancy hotkeys "work", but they appear as regular
>>>>>>> keypress events from an "AT Translated Set 2 keyboard".

>>>>>>>> If you still cannot receive any netlink events, then i might need
>>>>>>>> to take a look at your ACPI tables
>>>>>>>> via acpidump.

>>>>> I took a look at your ACPI tables and it seems that the WMI device
>>>>> used by hp-wmi is indeed unused.
>>>>> What is the model name of your HP notebook?
>>> HP Compaq 8710p

>>>> Also i just noted that your notebook might contain a PNP0C32 quickstart button device.
>>>> Can you tell me the output of "cat /sys/bus/acpi/devices/PNP0C32\:00/status"?
>>> 15
>> Interesting.

>> There have been several attempts to add support for this
>> in the past. The last one being:
>> Note that in this case this also required some vender
>> specific poking in toshiba_acpi to get things to work.
>> I see that the HP Compaq 8710p is about the same vintage
>> as the Toshiba Z830 on which the last attempt to do
>> something about the quick start buttons was done.
>> So this might very well explain the missing button issue.
>> Regards,
>> Hans

> As discussed below these "quick start" buttons
> normally are only intended to wake up the laptop
> and then immediately on wakeup start a specific app
> tied to the button (IIRC). But at least on the Toshiba
> the toshiba_acpi driver's special "poke" of the firmware
> makes the button also send events normally, so that it
> can actually be used as a normal button.

Can someone roughly explain what's going on? :p On my HP Compaq laptop
all those "buttons" work, except that one "info" one. How are those keys
being emulated(?) as my regular keyboard? Why would only one not work?

>> Dennis, can you check that your device runs the latest BIOS? And if
>> this is not the case, could you do a BIOS update and send me an
>> updated acpidump? The reason for this is that currently, the button
>> device receives only system wake events, but no button press events
>> during runtime. Maybe this is a BIOS bug, although this could also be
>> intentional (fancy power button).
> See above IIRC what was discussed last time this is
> an intentional (mis)feature of these buttons. Chances
> are there might be some workaround for this for HP too,
> but that will likely be tricky to find.
> Regards,
> Hans

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