Re: [PATCH v6 000/164] pwm: Improve lifetime tracking for pwm_chips

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This series was applied to chrome-platform/linux.git (for-kernelci)
by Uwe Kleine-König <u.kleine-koenig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

On Wed, 14 Feb 2024 10:30:47 +0100 you wrote:
> Hello,
> this is v6 of the series introducing better lifetime tracking for
> pwmchips that addresses (for now theoretic) lifetime issues of pwm
> chips. Addressing these is a necessary precondition to introduce chardev
> support for PWMs.
> [...]

Here is the summary with links:
  - [v6,001/164] pwm: Provide an inline function to get the parent device of a given chip
  - [v6,003/164] pwm: Provide pwmchip_alloc() function and a devm variant of it
  - [v6,029/164] pwm: cros-ec: Change prototype of helpers to prepare further changes
  - [v6,030/164] pwm: cros-ec: Make use of pwmchip_parent() accessor
  - [v6,031/164] pwm: cros-ec: Make use of devm_pwmchip_alloc() function

You are awesome, thank you!
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