Re: [PATCH vhost v1 2/4] virtio: vring_create_virtqueue: pass struct instead of multi parameters

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On Wed, 6 Mar 2024, Xuan Zhuo wrote:

> Now, we pass multi parameters to vring_create_virtqueue. These parameters
> may from transport or from driver.
> vring_create_virtqueue is called by many places.
> Every time, we try to add a new parameter, that is difficult.
> If parameters from the driver, that should directly be passed to vring.
> Then the vring can access the config from driver directly.
> If parameters from the transport, we squish the parameters to a
> structure. That will be helpful to add new parameter.
> Because the virtio_uml.c changes the name, so change the "names" inside
> the virtio_vq_config from "const char *const *names" to
> "const char **names".
> Signed-off-by: Xuan Zhuo <xuanzhuo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Acked-by: Johannes Berg <johannes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> @@ -60,38 +61,25 @@ struct virtio_device;
>  struct virtqueue;
>  struct device;
> +struct vq_transport_config {
> +	unsigned int num;
> +	unsigned int vring_align;
> +	bool weak_barriers;
> +	bool may_reduce_num;
> +	bool (*notify)(struct virtqueue *vq);
> +	struct device *dma_dev;
> +};

kerneldoc is missing from this struct too.

It would be generally helpful if you are proactive when somebody comments 
your series by checking if there are similar cases within your series,
instead of waiting them to be pointed out for you specificly.


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