Re: [PATCH v2 0/5] platform/x86: wmi: Fixes for event data handling

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On Mon, 19 Feb 2024 12:59:14 +0100, Armin Wolf wrote:

> This patch series contains fixes for the handling of WMI event data
> when receiving WMI events.
> The first patch aims to prevent WMI event drivers depending on WMI
> event data support from binding to a WMI device which does not
> support the retrieval of additional WMI event data.
> [...]

Thank you for your contribution, it has been applied to my local
review-ilpo branch. Note it will show up in the public
platform-drivers-x86/review-ilpo branch only once I've pushed my
local branch there, which might take a while.

The list of commits applied:
[1/5] platform/x86: wmi: Prevent incompatible event driver from probing
      commit: b448bcb4cf02b27946f9bd6c4ded17e2209bf271
[2/5] platform/x86: wmi: Check if event data is not NULL
      commit: b5003c979eb4128c7ca81ed144491e85232979b6
[3/5] platform/x86: wmi: Always evaluate _WED when receiving an event
      commit: 2b30ea09e77d701f0b0b02243bdcf8aa408e4214
[4/5] platform/x86: wmi: Update documentation regarding _WED
      commit: c865db581c295085fbfc1b6802f87c38ad92e4ca
[5/5] Revert "platform/x86: asus-wmi: Support WMI event queue"
      commit: b27bb403e136b12cafeff4467d495bbc8c9b7441


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