Re: [PATCH v2 2/2] platform/x86: hp-wmi: Add thermal profile support for 8BAD boards

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On Thu, 1 Feb 2024, Alexis Belmonte wrote:

> Add 8BAD to the list of boards which have thermal profile selection
> available. This allows the CPU to draw more power than the default TDP
> barrier defined by the 'balanced' thermal profile (around 50W), hence
> allowing it to perform better without being throttled by the embedded
> controller (around 130W).
> We first need to set the HP_OMEN_EC_THERMAL_PROFILE_TIMER_OFFSET to zero.
> This prevents the timer countdown from reaching zero, making the embedded
> controller "force-switch" the system's thermal profile back to 'balanced'
> automatically.
> We also need to put a number of specific flags in
> HP_OMEN_EC_THERMAL_PROFILE_FLAGS_OFFSET when we're switching to another
> thermal profile:
>    - for 'performance', we need to set both HP_OMEN_EC_FLAGS_TURBO and
>    - for 'balanced' and 'powersave', we clear out the register to notify
>      the system that we want to lower the TDP barrier as soon as possible.
> The third flag defined in the hp_thermal_profile_omen_flags enum,
> HP_OMEN_EC_FLAGS_JUSTSET, is present for completeness.
> To prevent potential behaviour breakage with other Omen models, a
> separate omen_timed_thermal_profile_boards array has been added to list
> which boards expose this behaviour.
> Performance benchmarking was done with the help of and
> Google Chrome 120.0.6099.129, on Gnome 45.2, with the 'performance'
> thermal profile set:
> |                  | Performance |     Stress |   TDP |
> |------------------|-------------|------------|-------|
> |    with my patch |      P84549 |    S0.1891 |  131W | 
> | without my patch |      P44084 |    S0.1359 |   47W |
> The TDP measurements were done with the help of the s-tui utility,
> during the load.
> There is still work to be done:
>    - tune the CPU and GPU fans to better cool down and enhance
>      performance at the right time; right now, it seems that the fans are
>      not properly reacting to thermal/performance events, which in turn
>      either causes thermal throttling OR makes the fans spin way too long,
>      even though the temperatures have lowered down
>    - expose the CPU and GPU fan curves to user-land so that they can be
>      controlled just like what the Omen Gaming Hub utility proposes to
>      its users;
> Signed-off-by: Alexis Belmonte <alexbelm48@xxxxxxxxx>

Thanks a lot. I've now applied these to review-ilpo.


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