Re: hp-wmi: info hotkey has no keycode or scancode

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> > Dennis, can you check that your device runs the latest BIOS? And if
> > this is not the case, could you do a BIOS update and send me an
> > updated acpidump?
> >
> > The reason for this is that currently, the button device receives only
> > system wake events, but no button press events during runtime. Maybe
> > this is a BIOS bug, although this could also be intentional (fancy
> > power button).
> I was /finally/ able to update my BIOS slightly, only with the latest
> freedos image available, one version up ... there seems to be another
> newer (2011) windows-only one that I'm not able to use.
> No change.

(I "hacked" the "latest" 2011 bios rom in, and although it reports being
a newer version and newer release date, acpidump is exactly the same.
dmidecode says it's the newer one though. No difference.)

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