Re: [PATCH v5 10/11] platform/x86/amd/hsmp: Change devm_kzalloc() to devm_kcalloc()

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On 1/29/2024 6:14 PM, Ilpo Järvinen wrote:
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On Thu, 25 Jan 2024, Ilpo Järvinen wrote:

On Sat, 6 Jan 2024, Suma Hegde wrote:

Use the standard array allocation variant of devm memory allocation

Signed-off-by: Suma Hegde <suma.hegde@xxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Naveen Krishna Chatradhi <nchatrad@xxxxxxx>
I decided to apply all but this patch 10/11 into review-ilpo. I fixed the
parenthesis issue I mentioned in one of the patches while applying.

Please check the comment I made against this patch and respin this one.

I also noticed while applying one other extra parenthesis case in patch 5
but since it was not added, I didn't go to tweak it now myself, but just
you know.
Hi Suma,

There are number of issues and warnings due to these patches including
one build failure due to lack of ACPI in the config (I think), can you
please take a look at them.

Hi Ilpo,

I have pushed patch with fixes for smatch error and warnings.

For the CONFIG_ACPI=n build failure, I have added "depends on ACPI" for hsmp driver and pushed patch for that.

But we support NON-ACPI probing also, there may be x86 platforms with ACPI disabled, is there a previous reference of how this can be handled

without making it dependent on ACPI in Kconfig?

Thanks and Regards,



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