[Bug 218305] Ryzen 7 7840HS gets stuck at 544MHz frequency after a random number of suspend/resume cycles

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--- Comment #18 from Dan Martins (dan.martins@xxxxxxxx) ---
(In reply to Mario Limonciello (AMD) from comment #14)
> I read through this thread and I currently think that Artem and Dan have
> encountered two separate bugs.
> @Artem:
> Under the presumption that ryzenadj is actually retrieving the correct
> values for STAPM, PPT FAST, and PPT SLOW I want to ask if this is tied to a
> specific power adapter, or sequence of events.  Like suspend on power,
> resume on battery or suspend on battery resume on power.
> If there is a linkage between any of those, then I think this is "most
> likely" an HP EC bug.
> @Dan,
> Can you reproduce this if you manually always set the scaling governor on
> all CPUs to "performance" before you reboot?

I just tested setting the governor to performance before reboot and yes, it is
reproducible in that case too.
1. load the CPU and observe all cores can reach ~4Ghz
2. set governor: sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance
3. reboot
4. load the CPU and check frequencies: on first reboot, all cores hit 4GHz
range. On second reboot, cores 6-11 can only reach ~1.7GHz.

This is in-line with previous tests. It is inconsistent, and various power
settings don't seem to affect it (epp, platform_profile, scaling_governor). It
does seem much more likely to occur when on battery, but will stills happen
sometimes when plugged in.

A couple of more recent observations:
- I don't need to toggle from performance to powersave to fix it. I can just
"sudo cpupower frequency-set -g powersave" even when it is already reporting
that it is using the powersave governor.
- on reboot, the scaling_governor is always showing powersave, even when I set
it to performance before reboot.
- Using kernel 6.6.11 as of this morning for the above test


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