Re: [PATCH v7] platform/x86: Add Silicom Platform Driver

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On Wed, Sep 20, 2023 at 11:33:59AM +0000, Huibin Shi wrote:
> Sorry for missing your inline code comments. I will address them and
> send out new patch soon.

Don't send soon.

Take your time, give people a week to look at your patch and then send
a new version. Go over the replies so that you don't miss review
comments. Test it. Make sure you've designed it right. This is not
a contest about who sends a new revision as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, read this file:

From: Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst

"Don't get discouraged - or impatient

After you have submitted your change, be patient and wait.  Reviewers are
busy people and may not get to your patch right away.

Once upon a time, patches used to disappear into the void without comment,
but the development process works more smoothly than that now.  You should
receive comments within a week or so; if that does not happen, make sure
that you have sent your patches to the right place.  Wait for a minimum of
one week before resubmitting or pinging reviewers - possibly longer during
busy times like merge windows."


P.S. Do not top-post but put your reply text *under* the quoted text
you're replying to.


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