RE: [PATCH 03/10] platform/x86/intel/ifs: Image loading for new generations

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> I think Tony's "proof" is pretty invalid. He doesn't differentiate
> HW interface related bitfields from those which are not HW interface 
> related (to the extent that in fact most of those bitfields likely are not 
> HW interface related).

When I made that comment it was about a patch series that used
bitfields to decode the subfields in Intel model specific MSRs.  I
think that's true of use in this series too.

I think most of these are for MSR decode. The one mentioned in
this thread: "union ifs_scan_hashes_status_gen2 {" definitely is.

Are there any that are not for MSRs? I'd also claim "Intel
specific" if there are some decoding parts of the Intel scan
file format.


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