[PATCH 0/8] x86-android-tablets: Stop using gpiolib private APIs

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Hi Bart, et. al.,

As promised here is a patch-series to make the x86-android-tablets code
stop using gpiolib private APIs.

Patches 1-2 are (small) gpiolib-acpi.c patches to add a quirk
(using the existing quirk mechanisms) to allow removing
x86-android-tablets' acpi_gpiochip_free_interrupts() usage.

Since patches 3-4 depend on these I plan to add these to
the platform-drivers-x86-android-tablets immutable-branch / pull
with the entire set for you.

May I please have your (or Andy's or Mika's) Acked-by for
merging these 2 patches through this branch?

Patches 3-6 deal with actually removing the private gpiolib API usage.

Patches 7-8 are some small improvements on top.

My plan is to let these patches sit on the list for review for
a couple of days and then I'll prepare an immutable-branch
with 6.6-rc1 + this series and send you a pull-req for that
based on a signed tag.

Then you can base future versions of your
"gpio: convert users to gpio_device_find() and remove gpiochip_find()"
series on top and drop any workarounds for the x86-android-tablets
code from that patch-series.



Hans de Goede (8):
  gpiolib: acpi: Check if a GPIO is listed in ignore_interrupt earlier
  gpiolib: acpi: Add a ignore interrupt quirk for Peaq C1010
  platform/x86: x86-android-tablets: Remove invalid_aei_gpiochip from
    Peaq C1010
  platform/x86: x86-android-tablets: Remove invalid_aei_gpiochip support
  platform/x86: x86-android-tablets: Create a platform_device from
  platform/x86: x86-android-tablets: Stop using gpiolib private APIs
  platform/x86: x86-android-tablets: Use platform-device as gpio-keys
  platform/x86: x86-android-tablets: Drop "linux,power-supply-name" from

 drivers/gpio/gpiolib-acpi.c                   |  30 ++++-
 .../platform/x86/x86-android-tablets/asus.c   |   1 +
 .../platform/x86/x86-android-tablets/core.c   | 123 +++++++++++-------
 .../platform/x86/x86-android-tablets/lenovo.c |  29 ++---
 .../platform/x86/x86-android-tablets/other.c  |  11 +-
 .../x86-android-tablets/x86-android-tablets.h |   7 +-
 6 files changed, 124 insertions(+), 77 deletions(-)


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