Re: [PATCH 0/3] platform/x86: intel_scu_ipc: Timeout fixes

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On 8/30/2023 6:14 PM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> I recently looked at some crash reports on ChromeOS devices that call
> into this intel_scu_ipc driver. They were hitting timeouts, and it
> certainly looks possible for those timeouts to be triggering because of
> scheduling issues. Once things started going south, the timeouts kept

Are you talking about timeouts during IPC command?

> coming. Maybe that's because the other side got seriously confused? I
> don't know. I'll poke at it some more by injecting timeouts on the
> kernel side.

Do you think it is possible due to a firmware issue?

> The first two patches are only lightly tested (normal functions keep
> working), while the third one is purely speculation. I was going to make
> the interrupt delay for a long time to see if I could hit the timeout.
> Stephen Boyd (3):
>   platform/x86: intel_scu_ipc: Check status after timeouts in
>     busy_loop()
>   platform/x86: intel_scu_ipc: Check status upon timeout in
>     ipc_wait_for_interrupt()
>   platform/x86: intel_scu_ipc: Fail IPC send if still busy
>  drivers/platform/x86/intel_scu_ipc.c | 59 ++++++++++++++++++++--------
>  1 file changed, 42 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)
> base-commit: 2dde18cd1d8fac735875f2e4987f11817cc0bc2c

Sathyanarayanan Kuppuswamy
Linux Kernel Developer

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