[Bug 204807] Hardware monitoring sensor nct6798d doesn't work unless acpi_enforce_resources=lax is enabled

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Dmitry (bugzilla@xxxxxxx) changed:

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--- Comment #332 from Dmitry (bugzilla@xxxxxxx) ---
i've this board : 
Base Board Information
        Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
        Product Name: X99-A II

# dmesg|tail -n 3
[431341.603491] nct6775: Found NCT6791D or compatible chip at 0x2e:0x290
[431341.603501] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range
0x0000000000000295-0x0000000000000296 conflicts with OpRegion
0x0000000000000290-0x0000000000000299 (\_GPE.HWM) (20210730/utaddress-204)
[431341.603510] ACPI: OSL: Resource conflict; ACPI support missing from driver?

Sensors not found, add support for access to nct6775
Thanks a lot !

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