Re: [PATCH] platform/x86: Add new msi-ec driver

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Hi Hans,

We already have changes addressing Barnabás' remarks merged
into the original repo, including the pr_fmt macro, so I only
need to apply them to the kernel.

> I ran checkpatch on the patch and it found several issues

Thanks, I'll address them. Some of them are already fixed
in the original repo.

> Also it seems that atm the module must always be loaded
> manually ?

> I think this should get a dmi_system_id tables with known
> MSI DMI_SYS_VENDOR() matches in there + a
> MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE() pointing to the dmi_system_id table
> to have the driver auto-load on MSI systems.

It loads automatically for me. Though would be better
to only auto-load it on MSI systems.



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