Re: [PATCH v3 0/5] apple-gmux: support MMIO gmux type on T2 Macs

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On 2/21/23 20:07, Aditya Garg wrote:
> Hi
>> Currently the backlight registration in apple-gmux.c is unconditional
>> (if a GMUX is detected).
>> I have attached a patch to make it honor the acpi_backlight=xxx
>> kernel commandline option like most other x86/ACPI backlight drivers
>> do, please give this a test.
>> Regards,
>> Hans
> I had to modify the patch a bit to make it apply alongwith the gmux patches by Orlando, and the bug seems to be fixed now.
> Attaching the patch I applied with this email.

Yes I didn't have Orlando's patches in my tree when preparing this.

Thank you for testing this. I'll rebase the patch on top of Orlando's
patches once those have been merged and then officially submit
it for review + merging.



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